History is taught in a cross curricular manner with key knowledge identified for each year group.  The teaching of skills and knowledge progresses through each year group to ensure children are given opportunities to build upon and achieve each skill and develop an understanding of the chronological development of British and world history. Explicit links to prior learning and key vocabulary are identified for each topic enabling pupils to make connections and extend and consolidate their knowledge.

Our intent is that children develop a holistic understanding of the past and see the ‘big picture’ of history.   We develop a sense of chronology through in depth extended chronological studies which enable pupils to explore the past, developing their own historical curiosity and understanding of why the past can be interpreted in different ways. They learn to challenge their own and other’s views and preconceptions through appropriate and accurate historical enquiry; with the diverse range of cultures in our community, we aim to build the cultural capital of our pupils – the role of women and people from different backgrounds are embedded in the curriculum. History and culture are inherently linked and we have reflected this in our planning.