Art and Design & Technology

Our Art, Design & Technology (DT) curriculum seeks to captivate, motivate and stimulate lifelong creative learning, through a clear progression of both knowledge and skills. Over the course of the year, children will be looking at a range of artists, designers, architects, craftsmen and women throughout history as a reflection of culture, creativity and diversity. 

The Art and DT curriculum has been carefully linked to each year group's half term topic so children can make connections with their learning, building on prior knowledge and skills, adding to what they already know. In Art, our children will have regular opportunities to engage with different mediums such as sketching, painting, sculpting, printing and working with digital media. Similarly in DT, children will learn to be resourceful, innovative, enterprising and problem-solving citizens, following the design, make, evaluate process. Where possible children will deepen their understanding through cross curricular activities and real-life experiences.

The Art and DT curriculum aims to develop children’s confidence to explore and express themselves through different art and design forms. Children will be able to develop critical thinking and analysis skills, by accessing a curriculum that is adapted and developed; every child achieving their full potential through interpretation.