Universal Design for Learning

Technology Across the Curriculum - Universal Design for Learning

At Woodland Academy Trust, we utilise technology to allow all children to experience success.

Children are provided with access to a variety of mediums in which they can demonstrate their learning, from sending a voice note, to making a short film or presentation, or simply to write in their book. By providing children with options, they are able to engage with and demonstrate their learning in a way most suited to them. This removes the need for any child to feel isolated from a task or unable to achieve.

We carefully design lessons to focus on the key area of learning. Using Showbie as an online interactive platform, teachers can easily send out documents for children to interact with and quickly return for personalised feedback. As we develop our UDL approach, this will directly link with Socrative – an online assessment tool which quickly allows teachers to address misconceptions, and identify any targeted intervention. Augmented Reality applications can also be used to provide children with engaging interaction with 3 dimensional objects in the classroom, and features such as Apple Maps will allow children to understand their place as a global citizen in context with their own community.