Our vision for Science learning is to provide a progressive curriculum to enable our children to explore and discover the world around them and will provide the foundations for understanding the world through the specific disciplines of biology, chemistry, and physics. This will begin at EYFS through to Year 6.

The curriculum provides children with opportunities to experience observing, exploring and recording. We aim to harness children’s natural excitement and curiosity and inspire them to pursue scientific enquiry.  The children will be presented with a range of phenomena to be examined, with time for children to raise and test their own scientific enquiries through exploring and talking about their ideas; asking their own questions; and analysing relationships and interactions more systematically.

Our focus is to ensure that children communicate their thoughts and ideas effectively, by presenting them in a systematic, scientific manner, incorporating UDL principles which are supported by the use of iPads and through a range of apps to facilitate pupil voice, diagrams, graphs, and charts.